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Why is there Titanium and Strontium in PolaStorm Aluminium propellers?

aluminium outboard polastorm propeller strontium titanium

Titanium and strontium are two elements that can be added to aluminum alloys to improve their properties. Here are some benefits of adding titanium and strontium to aluminum.. 

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Benefits of a 4 blade outboard propeller

4-blade outboard propeller Rigging

As PolaStorm produce a wide range of 4-blade propellers in titanium-aluminium and polished stainless steel, we are often asked "Why should I go for a 4-blade propeller?".

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Merry Christmas from Specialist Small Craft!

Thank you for being a valued customer in 2020.
This holiday season we'll be shipping orders until Tuesday 22nd December, and then again on Tuesday 29th. We reopen on 4th January 2021.
We've taken stock of some new and unique products, from Auto Bilge Pumps and Battery Boxes, to a whole new range of engine service parts from OMAX, a brand which we exclusively distribute.
And excitingly, we've expanded our range of our best-selling Polastorm propellors, these are due to arrive...

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Corona Update. We remain open! - Online


We are open for Online business.

Good News!

In our daily phone conversations with our customers it has become very apparent that there is still a requirement for marine parts. Trade customers are still servicing engines and repairing boats for Fishermen, rescue services and safety boat operators. Our recreational customers that have their boats at home are taking this opportunity to catch up on those little jobs that never seem to get done because of the lack of time. Well there is certainly plenty of that at the moment.

The good news is this uncertain time...

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Filling in the gaps

HyDrive Oil Penrite Rigging Steering

Hi there, 

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates...

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the product ranges grow. As they do, I see the need to re-organise and make the grouping descriptions clearer - its an ever evolving thing and I guess is never complete.

The MarPac Qwik View fuel filters have been selling well - especially the larger one with drain. The difficulties in explaining to some of the trade that the filter heads are not aluminium, but a nickel alloy which doesn't corrode in the same way seem to be getting through. I've recently added reels of high...

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