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Filling in the gaps

HyDrive Oil Penrite Rigging Steering

Hi there, 

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates...

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the product ranges grow. As they do, I see the need to re-organise and make the grouping descriptions clearer - its an ever evolving thing and I guess is never complete.

The MarPac Qwik View fuel filters have been selling well - especially the larger one with drain. The difficulties in explaining to some of the trade that the filter heads are not aluminium, but a nickel alloy which doesn't corrode in the same way seem to be getting through. I've recently added reels of high quality ethanol resistant fuel hose, primer bulbs and stainless hose clamps - although currently in larger boxed quantities only. I've considered offering hose by the foot or metre too, so let me know if you think would be of interest. The primer bulbs are not the cheapest on the market - its possible to get them direct from China with change from £5.00, but the quality control isn't good, the priming performance of the ones that do work is poor and they tend to fail quickly. This is really a product where you get what you pay for, and those who have tried them have appreciated the quality.

I've been padding out the supporting items required when installing a HyDrive hydraulic system too. HyDrive is an Austrailian brand and is built to survive! The quality of the materials and internal design - things you don't initially see, are unmatched. As well as Bull Horn kits featured, there is now flexi-hose and field fit-able end connectors, so its possible to make up the required lengths on site, rather than having to decide beforehand. These ends are very stiff to get on and if you don't have great grip, can be a real pain. Recently, whilst attempting to fit my fouth end fitting on a fluid linked twin engine fishing catarmaran (after 8pm in a dingy boat builders shed) I had a lightbulb moment. All around me were round sanding pads for orbital sanders - the ones with fine sandpaper on one side and soft velcro the other. I wrapped one of these pads around the flexi-hose and Hey-Presto - instant extra grip - it became like winding on a nyloc - Simples! The CAT Valve required for aligning a fluid linked twin engine set up is now available and a number of other fittings will soon be seen. 

I'm currently adding a few smaller items to try to ensure carrying out the best possible rigging of a boat. Cable tie mounts for tidying and supporting hoses and wiring - my pet hates are leaving wiring dangling on a joint and leaving hose connections unsupported. I'm adding rubber lined stainless P-Clips and stainless Hi-Grip hose clamps too. These aren't money makers but I hope will encourage use of good kit and not leave the fitter without the items to install.

You may have seen we can now offer Penrite Oils too. This is a product with great potential. The quality is great and the brand is really active in many markets. They are the only non-OEM brand to gain approvals from manufacturers and list marine engine manufacturers on their labels. All oils meet and beat NMMA requirements and the bottles are really well thought out. Boxed quantities are only offered at the moment, but a growing number of marine retailers are now stocking for local purchase. Penrite are sponsoring a number of ThunderCat teams this season. These guys and gals certainly know how to extract the most out of their engines, so if proof of quality were needed - this is it!

There's lots more happening and plenty of new products planned for the future, but I'll leave it there for now. Many thanks for your continuing interest and support. Feedback is always appreciated, so pleased don't be shy if there's something which could be done better or a new product to add.

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