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Roto-Tech Boats

We're proud to be UK Distributor for Roto-Tech products, including boats and floats.

Roto-Tech have specialized in the production of a wide range of products made of fully recycleable polyethylene for a number of years, focussed in various commercial market sectors, with high-qualified staff as well as a modern production facility.

Products manufactured include tanks for fluids, housings for heat pumps, floats for carrying pipework over water, modular floating docks, pontoon hulls and many others.

The Kontra range of boats, manufactured by Roto-Tech, are very well established in professional markets across Europe supplying sectors including rescue, firefighters, police and military with extremely tough craft that can be built to client specification due to highly modular design of components. With this strong foundation and flexibility of application, Kontra boats are increasingly popular for recreational use, and we are pleased to be able to bring this exciting range of craft to the UK market.

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To find out more about the Roto-Tech products we have in stock, please give us a call on 01980-624512 or go to our website (which we try to keep up to date!):