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Finally some new products added to the online shop!

GatorShield Gatorskinz Hitch Guard

It's been a really busy few months. Two weeks at Southampton Boat Show rolled straight into Emergency Services Show, where I was able to have some space to display with my friends at Safequip. IBEX followed, and then Skipper Expo at Bournemouth. All very different shows and I'm pleased to say that some good progression has been made at all.... More news to follow!

Gator Guards, the manufacturer of KeelShield has been busy over the winter working on new products for retail sale and to boat builders. A range of GatorShield polymer coatings have been launched and can be used by professional builders and repairers anywhere from deck coatings with added grit to keel protection.  There are three types of product, two requiring specialist spray equipment,  but the third, although more expensive, can be brushed,  rollered or airless sprayed. On the retail side, making the thinner GatorSkinz tread mat available in 2-piece consumer packs, with alcohol wipes and fitting instructions will make this great product aassessable to all. http://www.specialistsmallcraft.co.uk/collections/gatorskinz/products/gatorskinz-step-pad. Hitch Guard is a great idea and protects knees and shins from bangs, scrapes and trousers from grease smears! One of those "why didn'the I think of that?' products, which, with prices from £14.95 will make a great Christmas present idea. http://www.specialistsmallcraft.co.uk/collections/miscellaneous-accessories/products/hitch-guard.

As well as importation of products,  some great steps forward have been made on the Sales Representation front. More news to follow in my next blog post!

Next job on the online shop front is to upload more new products in the Helm Accessories section...  Watch this space!

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