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White KeelShield. The No1 Keel Protection System, 3M adhesive for Boats, Jet Skis


White KeelShield. The No1 Keel Protection System, 3M adhesive for Boats, Jet Skis



Made of pure Urethane Polymers, this 5” / 125mm wide rugged shield is the strongest and most durable protection for you keel from abrasions, scratches, and scars.  Tested and selected by Maritime Police, UKs main sea rescue service and several Olympic Sailing support teams.

KeelShield is easy to install, just Prep-Peel-Stick. Once its on you are good to go. Installation does not require time to cure, and with the exclusive 3M adhesive system, it stays on.

Ordering Process

  1. Measure your boat keel from bow D-ring aft to your chosen length
  2. Choose "price by foot" or "price by metre" variant on this listing
  3. Select the quantity you require
  4. Select Add to Cart

Example: If you need 4 metres of KeelShield, you would select "price by metre", then a Quantity of 4. We will send you a single 4 metre length with radiused and chamfered ends.

You will see from the video that isopropyl alcohol is required to prepare the hull surface before fitting. We supply isopropyl wipes with the kit, but suggest the purchase of a small trigger spray for longer pieces and for used craft where there may be small scatches on the hull surface. 125ml is normally sufficient for KeelShield fitment up to 10ft.

No PPE (personal protective equipment) is included in the KeelShield kit. It's your responsibility to ensure appropriate steps are taken to safeguard yourself, others and surroundings. Latex gloves are essential and eyewear recommended when fitting KeelShield. Please click on the following link and read the 3M Safety Data Sheet for KeelShield Activator wipe before using: http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?mwsId=SSSSSuUn_zu8l00x4Y_Bmx_x4v70k17zHvu9lxtD7SSSSSS--. Please ask if further information is required.

If the length required is out of stock or not listed, it can normally be supplied within 2 weeks. Please contact us to progress your enquiry (info@specialistsmallcraft.com).

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