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SE Sport SE300 Hydrofoil (40-300hp)

SE Sport

SE Sport SE300 Hydrofoil (40-300hp)


The best way to improve performance, reduce on-plane RPMS and save fuel – the SE Sport will pay for itself over and over. 
For Outboard Motors and Sterndrive Units from 40hp to 300hp

                      • FASTER STARTS / CUTS TIME ONTO PLANE
                      • STOPS PORPOISING
                      • CURVED SHAPE FOR MAXIMUM THRUST
                      • NARROW PROFILE



  1. "What is the warranty on the SE Sport?"

SE Sport carries a lifetime limited warranty. Specifics regarding the warranty can be found on the packaging.


  1. "What size Outdrive will it fit?"

All sizes that have a cavitation plate larger than 5 inches wide, usually 40 horse power and up. Because the mounting holes on the SE Sport 300 are 4 inches apart, right to left (centre to centre), a 5 inch or smaller cavitation plate leaves less than ½ inch of metal from hole to the edge of the plate. The SE Sport 200 is recommended for cavitation plates 5 inches or less.


  1. "Will the SE 300 fit Volvo Outdrives?"

The older Volvo SX with the single non-exhaust cavitation plate requires 1-1/2" bolts (not included)for the rear holes. Volvos 280, 290, DPS, DPH, and the newer SX models with the exhaust through the cavitation plate require four 2-1/2" bolts and 1" to 1-1/4" fender washers with the bolts and fender washers on the bottom plate and the steel washers and lock nuts on top. Not recommended for Volvo Ocean Series XDP sterndrives.


  1. "Will the SE Sport 300 fit my Honda Outboard?"

Many Honda outboards are made with a center cavitation plate ridge. Some Hondas will require a slight cut or bigger notch in the "yoke" area of the foil. This is necessary to give 1/2" spacing between the rear holes to be drilled and the end of the cavitation plate. Cutting a notch can easily be handled with a small saw or grinder and will not affect the durability or warranty of the SE Sport.


  1. "Is there enough clearance to mount the SE Sport 300s on dual outboards?"

Yes. Because of its narrow profile, you can easily fit two side by side.


  1. "What are the dimensions of the SE Sport 300?"

17 inches wide, 14 inches nose to tail. You may want to refer to our installation page for further details.


  1. "My cavitation plate has a large nut which interferes with the SE Sport sitting down flat." 

With the added thickness of polypropylene plastic in the main body of the hydrofoil, you may cut or chisel out an area to accommodate the nut. This will not affect the durability or warranty of the SE Sport


  1. "Will the SE Sport cut down on my top-end speed?"

Independent tests have shown the SE Sport to be the fastest foil on the market. Trailer Boats Magazine rates the SE Sport fastest in 0 to 30 and top end speed, and Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine rates SE Sport fastest in top end speed. Because of increased stability, speeds higher than the boat's regular top speed are sometimes experienced (as was recorded in the Bass and Walleye Boats test). A very slight drop or no loss in top speed is more likely.


  1. "How does the SE Sport save me money on fuel?"

Quick planing and lower on-plane RPMs will substantially reduce your fuel use. Because the SE Sport cuts planing time dramatically, your time with the "hammer down" will be shorter. Your lower on-plane speeds for tubes and boards will further reduce your fuel use.


      10. "Will the SE Sport help with the porpoising action of my boat?"

Whether your porpoising is attributed to poor hull design, a defect such as a hooker or rocker towards the stern of the hull, or improper elevation mount of your motor the SE Sport has been proven to eliminate or reduce a porpoising action.


       11. "Will it help with prop cavitation?"

Yes. Prop cavitation/ventilation where the propeller takes in air on turns is damaging to your motor and lower unit. The crescent-shaped of the SE Sport helps to hold water more firmly around the prop than any other foil on the market.


      12. "Of what material is the SE Sport made?"

Polypropylene Polymer, approximately three pounds. Years of experience have shown this high-strength material to be more durable unlike rigid brittle plastic. Tests have shown this to be the material of choice for watercrafts.


      13. "Will the SE Sport match the drilled hole pattern from other hydrofoils?"

If your hole pattern is from a previously installed Stingray (trademark of Marine Dynamics, Inc.) or Hydro-tail (trademark of TH Marine Supplies, Inc.) the Sport will match this pattern..You may want to compare your hole pattern to ours on our installation page.


      14. "What should I use to fill holes for different patterns?"

Marine-Tex White (Recommended) or J-B Weld should be used for filling non-compatible holes. Both products are available through most marine dealers.


      15. "Can I reuse the enclosed nylon insert nut if I have to remove the foil from the motor?"

 No. They are designed for locking the first application only.


SE SPORT comes with all the hardware you need: four stainless bolts and locking nuts, 4 stainless washers, and 4 rubber washers.

Quick and easy to install using drill, screwdriver and socket wrench.

1.  Centre the SE Sport on the top of the cavitation plate. Move the SPORT forward (toward the boat) until any further movement would tilt the Sport up. To avoid drilling into a trim tab/anode, placement to the rear of this position will not reduce performance. Some outboards, including Honda® (except for the 75HP and 90HP models), will require a slight cut or bigger notch in the "yoke" area of the SPORT. This is easily accomplished with a small saw or grinder and will not affect the durability or warranty of the SPORT.  Remove the SPORT after marking the four holes.


2.  Use the site gauge as a final template guide to verify proper placement.  Before using, hold the site gauge to the underside of the SPORT to verify the holes line up with the marked arrows on the site gauge.  Some motors and sterndrives require drilling the forward holes (closest to the boat) from the bottom of the cavitation plate.  The site gauge is a perfect tool for this task.  Drill the rear holes first and use the gauge to mark the forward holes.


3.  After drilling holes (1/4" - 9/32"), place the rubber washers on the cavitation plate with the thin ones forward (closest to the boat) and the thick ones rear.  Place the SPORT on the rubber washers and secure the hardware (1" bolts forward and 1-1/2" bolts rear).  The bolts may be installed up or down.  Either method requires the steel washers next to the lock nuts.  Tighten the lock nuts using an alternating pattern.  Tighten until the rubber washers start to compress.

Use the locking nuts only once in the assembly. Reusing them can cause the locking insert to fail. Most hardware stores stock stainless locking nuts if reassembly is required. Be certain the bolt reaches the nylon insert in the nut.


The Volvo SX with the single, non-exhaust cavitation plate may be mounted without using the enclosed rubber washers.  By moving the SE SPORT away from the hole/rubber stopper in these plates, the enclosed hardware will fit.  
  Volvos 280, 290, DPS,DPR, DPH and the SX models with the large anode on top of the cavitation plate and the exhaust through the plate require two stainless bolts of  2-1/2" length.  Stainless fender washers are recommended for the bottom of the exhaust plate.  The 2-1/2" bolts will extend through the exhaust cavity.  If necessary, reverse any anode on the cavitation plate to position the wide end of the anode closest to the boat. Not recommended for Volvo OceanX drive.

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