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SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil (8-40hp)

SE Sport

SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil (8-40hp)


The best way to improve performance, reduce on-plane RPMS and save fuel – the SE Sport will pay for itself over and over.
For Outboard Motors from 8hp to 40hp

                      • FASTER STARTS / CUTS TIME ONTO PLANE
                      • STOPS PORPOISING
                      • CURVED SHAPE FOR MAXIMUM THRUST
                      • NARROW PROFILE



  1. "What size motor or outdrive will it fit?"

Our smaller 200 model is recommended for outboards from 8-40 HP. It will fit all outboards and sterndrives larger than 40 HP except Mercury 40, 50, and 60 four strokes. There are some smaller outboards (down to 4 HP) that it will fit as well. 

  1. "What are the dimensions of the SE Sport 200?"

14.3 inches wide, 13.5 inches nose to tail.


SE SPORT comes with all the hardware you need: four stainless bolts and locking nuts, 4 stainless washers, and 4 rubber washers.

Quick and easy to install using drill, screwdriver and socket wrench.

1.  Centre the SE Sport on the top of the cavitation plate. Move the SPORT forward (toward the boat) until any further movement would tilt the Sport up. To avoid drilling into a trim tab/anode, placement to the rear of this position will not reduce performance. Some outboards, including Honda® (except for the 75HP and 90HP models), will require a slight cut or bigger notch in the "yoke" area of the SPORT. This is easily accomplished with a small saw or grinder and will not affect the durability or warranty of the SPORT.  Remove the SPORT after marking the four holes.

2.  Use the site gauge as a final template guide to verify proper placement.  Before using, hold the site gauge to the underside of the SPORT to verify the holes line up with the marked arrows on the site gauge.  Some motors and sterndrives require drilling the forward holes (closest to the boat) from the bottom of the cavitation plate.  The site gauge is a perfect tool for this task.  Drill the rear holes first and use the gauge to mark the forward holes.
3.  After drilling holes (1/4" - 9/32"), place the rubber washers on the cavitation plate with the thin ones forward (closest to the boat) and the thick ones rear.  Place the SPORT on the rubber washers and secure the hardware (1" bolts forward and 1-1/2" bolts rear).  The bolts may be installed up or down.  Either method requires the steel washers next to the lock nuts.  Tighten the lock nuts using an alternating pattern.  Tighten until the rubber washers start to compress.

Use the locking nuts only once in the assembly. Reusing them can cause the locking insert to fail. Most hardware stores stock stainless locking nuts if reassembly is required. Be certain the bolt reaches the nylon insert in the nut.

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