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OMAX Gearcase Cover / Water Pump Kit to suit various 40-115hp Mercury / Mariner 2-St & 4-St. Outboards


OMAX Gearcase Cover / Water Pump Kit to suit various 40-115hp Mercury / Mariner 2-St & 4-St. Outboards


OMAX is a premium outboard parts supplier manufacturing and sourcing the highest quality products from the USA to Japan. They choose only the best components to give marine engineers reliable products that aim to equal or better the original. Not to be confused with cheap unbranded components.

Product Information:

This is a Genuine OMAX Water Pump Kit replaces Pt. No. 46-8M0113799, and suits the following Mercury / Mariner Outboards:

Mercury / Mariner 2-stroke

  • 60hp 3-cyl 1991-95 (s/n OD000750-Up)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 65 Jet 1994-98 (s/n OD283222-Up)
  • 70hp 3-cyl 1987 (s/n OA996142-OC221999)
  • 75hp 3-cyl 1990-98 (s/n OC222000-Up)
  • 80hp 3-cyl 1987 (s/n OA996142-OC221999)
  • 80 Jet 1994-98 (s/n OD283222-Up)
  • 90hp 3-cyl 1987 (s/n OA996142-Up)
  • 100hp 4-cyl 1988-98 (s/n OB209468-Up)
  • 115hp 4-cyl 1989-98 (s/n OC100000-Up)
  • 115hp 3-cyl Optimax (s/n OT801000-Up)
  • 125hp 4-cyl 1994-98 (s/n OD283222-Up)

Mercury / Mariner 4-stroke

  • 40hp Carb 4-cyl 1998 (s/n OT228405-OT598999)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 40hp EFI 4-cyl 1998 (s/n OT409000-Up)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 45hp 4-cyl Bodensee, B.F. 1996-98 (s/n OG231123-OT178499)
  • 50hp 1995-98 (s/n OG231123-OT178499)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 50hp Carb (996cc) 1995-98 (s/n OT178500-OT598999)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 50hp EFI (996cc) 1995-98 (s/n OT409000-Up)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 60hp Carb (996cc) (s/n OT178500-OT598999)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 60hp EFI (996cc) (s/n OT409000-Up)(Bigfoot Gearcase)
  • 75hp (1596cc) (s/n OG960500-1B366822)
  • 90hp (1596cc) (s/n OG960500-1B366822)
  • 115hp (1741cc) (s/n OT178500-1B366822)

Well established in over 20 countries, OMAX is supplied in bespoke boxes and sealed packages with hologrammed labelling, giving assurance that only Genuine OMAX parts are being fitted. We're proud to be the British Isles exclusive Distributor - by shortening the supply chain, we're able to offer huge savings over OEM parts, making premium products affordable for everyone. UK stock held, allowing Next Day mainland GB delivery (except Highlands & Islands) if ordered before Midday on weekdays.

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