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OCA "Flush Mate"  Outboard Motor Flush Bag  - Small


OCA "Flush Mate" Outboard Motor Flush Bag - Small


Heavy Duty - The OCA Flush Mate - Outboard Flushing Bag was originally made for commercial users and allows you to run your motor in fresh water without having to struggle with the old-fashioned 'muffs'. The bag fits over the prop, has an adjustable strap to go over the cowl and a drain plug for emptying once flushing completed.

Flush Mate™ outboard motor flush bags are for use on most outboard motors with standard legs (no extra’s added like fins).

Place the flush bag CAREFULLY under the skeg & then attach the “guide strap” which goes over the top of the cowling. Fill with water to cover over water intakes, start your motor and it will flush out salt. Obviously, you cannot put the motor into gear as the prop will cut the bag! You should never allow the “guide strap” to take the weight of the water as it could damage your cowling/outboard due to the weight of the water:- 1 gallon of water = 8.3 Pounds (roughly). Once flushing is complete undo the drain plug in the flush bag to empty the water out.

  • Small: Size:- Diameter 47cm, Height 70cm, Strap Length 175cm max,100lt
  • Small - for motors generally up to 100hp, please check the dimensions of your motor before ordering

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