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N8 Bleeder Tees Kit (pair) for Hydrive Steering Cylinders


N8 Bleeder Tees Kit (pair) for Hydrive Steering Cylinders


HyDrive's home is Australia where recreational and commercial boats often operate days from onshore support. Systems and components are tough, reliable, made from quality materials and designed for easy on the water serviceability.  HyDrive has built an enviable worldwide reputation, in addition to being used by experienced recreational sailors systems can be found on Pilot boats, commercial fishing vessels and Olympic Sailing Team support RIBs etc.

This N8 Bleeder Tee Kit comprises of 2x Tee fittings, found on HyDrive steering cylinders, to suit the standard Hydrive N8 3/8" nylon hose supplied with Hydrive steering kits. N8 Nuts and Olives to suit the HyDrive N8 hose are also included as well as a vile of threadlock (required when installing bleeder tee's to the steering cylinder).

If you've not got a HyDrive Steering system or have a HyDrive system but are not using N8 hose to the steering cylinders, please do not buy this kit - it won't work.


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