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High Power WaveLED Ceiling Light / Spotlight (P/N: LC003-PS)


High Power WaveLED Ceiling Light / Spotlight (P/N: LC003-PS)

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WaveLED Ceiling Light is a unique wave-shaped ceiling light with built-in switch and tiltable light angle. Using three quality super bright High Power LEDs from 1st-tier manufacturers, its able to remain cost-effective with enough light output and great durability. Available with a matt silver surround.


  • Unique wave shape enclosure design
  • Easy-to-install bayonet latch design
  • Specially designed optical lens provide bright and focused spot light.
  • 3 x 1 Watt super bright High Power LED
  • Built-in ON-OFF switch
  • Adjustable light angle
  • DC 12V-24V dual voltage rating


    • Lighting Source | High Power LED (1W)x 3
    • Color Temperature | 3000-3300K (Warm White)
    • Voltage Rating | 12-30V
    • Power Consumption | 3.24W
    • IP55



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