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HyDrive Commander Bullhorn Steering Kit for Outboards up to 150hp (COMKIT6)


HyDrive Commander Bullhorn Steering Kit for Outboards up to 150hp (COMKIT6)


HyDrive's home is Australia where recreational and commercial boats often operate days from onshore support. Systems and components are tough, reliable, made from quality materials and designed for easy on the water serviceability.  HyDrive has built an enviable worldwide reputation, in addition to being used by experienced recreational sailors systems can be found on Pilot boats, commercial fishing vessels and Olympic Sailing Team support RIBs etc.. Want a high quality dependable steering system? Fit HyDrive. 

The entry level COMKIT6 system includes the new model 512BH bullhorn-type cylinder with a unique-shaped cylinder for maximum strength and simple and efficient installation. It's manufactured in marine-grade aluminium for maximum protection against electrolysis and corrosion. Providing smooth steering control with only three turns lock-to-lock and non-feedback performance, the Comkit6 comes with the new 500 Series helm with long life stainless steering shaft for leisure and commercial installations up to 150hp. The COMKIT 6 kit comes with HyDrive's standard 2 year warranty for pleasure use.

The ComKit6 Kits includes:
  • 500 Helm: 24cc/rev In-built Lock valve
  • Model 512BH bullhorn cylinder
  • 2 litres ULTRA-15 fluid
  • 15 mtrs Nylon tubing
  • Bleeding Kit
  • All fittings
  • Installation Manual
  • Packed weight 15Kg (Complete Boxed Kit)

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