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Fuel Life Extender


Fuel Life Extender


Well established in the classic car market, where vehicles are sometimes left garaged for long periods, TetraBOOST Fuel Life Extender is equally useful for marine applications, where a petrol engine powered craft may be left in storage over winter months.

TetraBOOST Fuel Life Extender addresses the increasingly common problem of today’s petrol ‘going off’. This can cause difficulty starting an engine after a period of storage, and sometimes leave residue in the fuel system, requiring strip down, cleaning and potentially replacement of components.                                                                                             .

Application:  One 50ml bottle for up to 50 litres of fuel. Add to the fuel, mix thoroughly, then run the engine for a few minutes to ensure TetraBOOST Fuel Life Extender circulates through the fuel system.

User Benefits:

  • Extends fuel storage life
  • Slowly disperses existing sludge
  • Ideal for winter storage
  • Helps combat the negative effects of Ethanol in modern fuels

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