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WolfStar Killerwhale K350RFD Light Grey/Black


WolfStar Killerwhale K350RFD Light Grey/Black


This is a new, boxed Light Grey/Black 2020 Model WolfStar KillerWhale K350RFD (Rigid Floor Deck).


  • 1100g/m2 5 Layer PVC material
  • Keel, Tube & Transom protection strips
  • Type of seats mount:  Full length adjustable
  • Bow Anchor Guide:  All models Yes
  • Safety Grab Line:  All models Yes
  • Number of carry handles: 7
  • Category Cert:  All models C
  • Weight of the K350 boat in backpack: 31Kg
  • Dimensions of the packed boat: 1.4m x 0.6m x 0.4m
  • Standard Accessories Included: oars + pump + seats + repair kit
  • Weight of accessories in separate bag: 9.6kg
  • Weight of K350 RFD deck: 24.2kg


  • Overall Length (M): 3.50
  • Overall Width (M): 1.75
  • Cockpit Length (M): 2.30
  • Cockpit Width (M): 0.85
  • Tube Diameter (M): 0.45
  • Tube material density: 1100g/m2
  • No. of Tube Chambers: 3+1
  • Payload (KG): 550
  • No. of persons: 5
  • No.of carry handles: 7
  • CE Design Category: C
  • Max Outboard Motor: 20hp

KILLER-WHALE series are top of the range SIBs. Capable of longer expeditions and regular use.  All are fitted with a lightweight, Rigid Hardwood Ply Deck that’s quick to assemble, and have an inflatable keel. Killer Whales have large diameter tubes for a drier, more comfortable ride, and are available in lengths from 3.5m to 4.3m with a broader beam than the other ranges. The boats have a carrying capacity of 550kg to 950kg and are designed for 5-8 adults. Big, spacious, fast and safe with a Cat C rating for seas up to 2m, these are serious water craft that can be carried in the back of a car. 

All KILLER-WHALE SIBs are produced from a tough meshed multi layered lightweight PVC, which doesn’t decay, its ultraviolet, gasoline and oil resistant. Its has a high hard wearing density of 1100 grams/m². The boats are being manufactured using seam welding.  Welded joints are stronger and highly resistant to sea water in comparison with glued construction. Sea water contains bacteria which breakdown glue, destroying the glued joints over time. Welded construction results in a stronger longer lasting boat. One reason all KILLER-WHALE boats come with a 5 year limited warranty. 

      Please Note: Images may include non standard accessories fitted.

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