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Light Grey IVLERBOAT M2K Large SIB & RIB Bow Stowage Bag with Pockets


Light Grey IVLERBOAT M2K Large SIB & RIB Bow Stowage Bag with Pockets


Storage on Inflatables (SIBs) and smaller RIBs is always an issue.  These bags are specifically made to offer splash proof protection and practical storage solutions for all your gear including personal items such as phones and keys to fishing kit, clothing, food & drink and anchors.  Pack them at home and just drop them into the boat ready to go. Made for Siberia they are super tough and many of the bags have a thermal lining for temp stabilisation and additional protection. Look good too with a great choice of colours.

The M2K Bow Bag is a larger soft storage bag made from tough PVC with webbing reinforcement, and tapered for SIBs and RIBs with wider bows. It has two main compartments and two external easy-access pockets. The bags have two carry handles for transporting to and from your boat.

Both pocket lids have tough coarse tooth zips. The forward bag has a securing D-ring sown in. The aft bag area has a thermal padded lid with clear zipped pocket and a further zipped pocket within. Both pocket lids have a one half of a quick release buckle sown in, allowing either lid to be held open as required.

Each of the four adjustable fixing straps have hooks on the end to fix under a rubbing strake spray rail. The straps can be used to fix to a boats grab rope of handles. 

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